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Workplace Based Philanthropy  

Each year, thousands of people in hundreds of corporate and government workplaces around the country contribute millions of dollars to support the historic UNCF mission. We need your help to change the world, one degree at a time. Several companies have partnered with UNCF to set up their workplace campaigns online. If you are an employee of one of these corporations, please click on the relevant link below:

How to Support Your Workplace Campaign

UNCF offers three options for supporting UNCF students and schools at your place of employment. They are payroll deduction, matching gifts and leadership committees.

Payroll Contributions: Painless Philanthropy

Many employers will offer payroll deduction as a service to their employees. A gift made each pay period through payroll deduction is an easy way to provide all year support to students who need help to get to and through college. You can contribute whatever you can afford. There is no minimum. Consider that a $1 to $3 donation each week helps a student with fees for a semester while a $50 donation each week will help a student with room and board for a year. Please give what you can.

Matching Gift Programs: Double Your Money

Many organizations support a matching gifts program that enables their employees to double or triple their gifts to UNCF. Your gift to the UNCF can be matched by an equal or larger gift from your company. It is a real win-win for you, your employer and UNCF's students and schools. To help UNCF receive a match to your gift, contact your Human Resources Office to get your matching gift form or to learn if your company does online approvals. Help us help our talented students.

Workplace Leadership Committees: People Changing the World One Degree At a Time

In a growing number of corporations, employees are coming together and creating their own programs to support the historic UNCF mission. These programs are designed by the Workplace Leadership Committees to support outcomes chosen by the committee members. Participation includes volunteer support and support for fund raising activities that support the program created by the committee members. The United Way, Combined Federal Campaign also provide opportunities for you to participate and support the UNCF mission. To join or start a Workplace Leadership Committee at your company, please contact a UNCF Area Director close to you. No UNCF office in your state? Pick the UNCF office assigned to your area.

To view and download marketing materials for UNCF's Workplace Campaign, click here.

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