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2015 UNCF Los Angeles Walk For Education

33rd Anniversary, UNCF Walk for Education, Los Angeles

Saturday, August 15, 2015
5K Walk
Exposition Park (South Menlo & Coliseum)
7:00 AM - Registration | 8:00 AM - Start

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I wanted to personally thank you for your support with our 32nd Annual UNCF Walk for Education for this year. Your kind and supportive efforts have been a driving force behind our on-going success. Our theme is Building Better Futures: The Value of a UNCF Investment.  2014 marks UNCF’s 70th Anniversary, supporting more than 400,000 students to earn their degrees, but our work is not done. Your participation was an integral part of the success of our walk-a-thon and we thank you for your contributions, the work and efforts you gave towards this event.

  Our Los Angeles 33rd Annual UNCF 5K Walk for Education brings us that much closer to sending more students to college and fulfilling President’s Obama’s commitment to America to regain world leadership in the number of college graduates by 2020. UNCF’s Walk for Education is an opportunity for the community to rally together to help children get the college education our nation needs them to have in order to compete in a global economy.

What Is The Impact Of Your Investment?

When you give to UNCF, you're investing in the 60,000 students uncf helps attend college each year and graduate with tools and skills they need for their success, and that we need them to have for our nation’s progress. When you invest in students with UNCF, the future improves for us all...it’s called “social return” — the positive impact of education on the world as a whole--- college grads earn more, live better lives and contribute more to our communities. We look forward to seeing you at future UNCF events and rejoining us for our Walk in 2015. Your continued support and involvement is greatly appreciated and thank you for helping all of us live up to the ideals expressed in UNCF’s motto, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." ® But a wonderful thing to invest in.  Please copy the link below to the website to see photos of the UNCF Walk 2015:


Best wishes and remember the gift of education has life-long return on investment, you can continue to provide additional support for the walk throughout the year until December 1, 2015 to http://give.uncf.org/LAWalk.


Carolyn Trader
Carolyn D. Trader
Development Director

2015 Walk Committee:
Terrance Frierson*
Yolanda Hunter
John Williams
Rosalind Pennington
Luther Williams
Tate Ramsey
Marliss Gordon
Babette Delay
UNCF Staff:
Maybelline Pendleton
Curtis Silvers, Jr.
Harry Fulmore
Monique McGhee
Dana Goland

The 33rd Annual UNCF Los Angeles Walk for Education has become one of the most anticipated family-oriented fundraising events for corporate employees, donors, volunteers and friends in the Southern California area. This special carnival-like event was developed to help keep the Southern California community informed about the tremendous effort of UNCF to support its 37 member institutions, while also generating resources for students that attend them. Corporate teams, fraternities, sororities, groups, churches, organizations and individuals who participate realize that "a mind is a terrible thing to waste" but a wonderful thing to invest in. We are glad that you understand the importance of "giving back". Many participants are proud alumni of historically black colleges and universities; they look forward each year to this measurably tangible activity that supports the institutions which has given many their start in life.

Better futures:™ a stock for social change.Introducing an investment that’s not about making money. instead the return is something greater. when you invest, it helps kids go to college.

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