Chicago Walk

Jurisprudentia (Cook County Law Library)

JurisprudentIa (The Study, Knowledge, or Science of Law)

Join us for the 39th Annual National UNCF Walk for Education Saturday,

September 17, 2022.

Your support is important because it will make education accessible to everyone

by  a) eliminating financial barriers and b) providing vital scholarships

for deserving students.

Your assistance will also increase the number of scholarship recipients.

Team Jurisprudentia is confident you will help us achieve or exceed our goal.

The process is simple, press 'Donate' (if unable to be present) and follow prompts.

Otherwise, if registering to walk, press 'Join'. T-shirts will be given to

 those participating in the walk. Convey size to me or my co-captain.

Invest with us!  And remember, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste®" 

but a wonderful investment.

       James Fortsas, Captain                Joyce Hyshaw, Co-Captain

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