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UNCF New Orleans 26th Annual Walk for Education

Dillard University

Please consider being a walker or a sponsor of our team.

We recently accepted the challenge of raising money for the UNCF New Orleans 26th Annual Walk for Education. This cause is important to the members of our team because it will make education accessible to everyone by eliminating financial barriers for deserving students by providing much needed college scholarships.

With your support, we can do better. You can help to increase the number of scholarships given out by joining my team as a walker, or by making a donation toward our team goal. Click the "Join..." link to join the team, or the "Support..." link to sponsor us now.

And remember,

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Dillard University Raised
Erica Durousseau $30.00
Lovell Agwaramgbo $30.00
Cleo Allen $30.00
Adrian Anderson $30.00
Caitlin Barnes $15.00
Kiki Barnes $30.00
Marc Barnes $30.00
Marc Barnes $15.00
Toshika Barnes $30.00
Tanya Barnes-Barrington $30.00
Toya Barnes-Teamer $30.00
Alvin Barrington $30.00
Fallon Brannon $75.00
Tobi Buchanan $30.00
Theodore Callier $30.00
Travis Chase $30.00
Ming-Hsing Chiu $30.00
Elisie Coleman $30.00
Robert Collins $65.00
Carretta Cooke $30.00
Abdalla Darwish $50.00
Ann Delorenzo $30.00
Terry Dogan $30.00
Mary Green $30.00
Elionder Harmon $30.00
Donna Harper $50.00
Nichele Harper $30.00
Nezrene James $30.00
Lenetra Jefferson $30.00
Adria Kimbrough $30.00
Walter Kimbrough $30.00
Kouadio Kondo $15.00
Shareese Kondo $30.00
Marcel Mcgee $30.00
Robert Mitchell, Jr. $30.00
Shannon Neal $30.00
Rosario Notter Barea $30.00
Charles O'Connor $30.00
Aleida Ochoa $30.00
Brooke Page $15.00
David Page $30.00
William Page $15.00
Yolanda W. Page $30.00
Peggy Paisant-Jackson $30.00
Michelle Paniagua $30.00
Tenisha Scott $30.00
Christopher Stewart $30.00
Danielle Tyler $30.00
Raymond Vrazel $30.00
Kemberley Washington $30.00
Wodajo Welldaregay $30.00
Monica White $30.00
Arthur Winfield $30.00
Team Gifts $85.00
Denotes a Team Captain