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UNCF New Orleans 26th Annual Walk for Education

Team Delta

Please consider supporting Team Delta, a leading support of the UNCF New Orleans Fun Walk / Run.

For 100 years, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has accepted the serving others and considers this 26th Annual Walk for Education yet another opportunity to transform the lives of youth in our community. This cause is important to the members of our team because it will make education accessible to everyone by eliminating financial barriers for deserving students by providing much needed college scholarships.

With your support, we can do better. You can help to increase the number of scholarships given out by joining my team as a walker, or by making a donation toward our team goal. Click the "Join..." link to join the team, or the "Support..." link to sponsor us now.

And remember,

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Team Delta Raised
Sharon Cannon $1,030.00
Sharon Barnett Starks $130.00
Marie Benoit $30.00
Judy Boudreaux $40.00
Jackie Breckenridge $15.00
Janice S. Briscoe $30.00
Hattie Broussard $30.00
Jeri Brumfield $30.00
Renee Brunt $30.00
W. Lois Brunt $30.00
G. Bryant-Banks $30.00
Morris Cannon, Iii $15.00
Vera Chapman Seals $30.00
Arnel Cosey $130.00
Keri Crump $30.00
Angela Cryer $30.00
Brenda Davidson-Jones $30.00
Sayonara Davis $30.00
Adrienne Dixson $30.00
Gregory Floyd $30.00
Denise Foxworth $40.00
Vonda Gaitor $30.00
Mario Garner $30.00
Joann Giles $30.00
Marsha Gonzalez $30.00
Megan Gonzalez $30.00
Mary Green-Keys $30.00
Felicia Hamilton $30.00
Johnnie Harris $100.00
Ashley Heilprin $30.00
Leslie Howard $30.00
Chauntis Jenkins $30.00
Renee Johnson $30.00
Dione Joseph-Breckenridge $30.00
Monica Kelley $30.00
Jean Kennedy $100.00
Kara Kennedy $30.00
Precious Kirk $30.00
Belencia Lawrence $30.00
Elease Lewis $30.00
Vanessa Mclarty-Perry $35.00
Kathy Moss $235.00
Veronica Osby $30.00
Samantha Pichon $30.00
Kim Rabb Crump $30.00
Darlene Richardson Jarrell $50.00
Tondia Richarson $30.00
Carolyn Robinson $30.00
Stephanie Rodriguez $30.00
Pamela Rogers $30.00
Tracey Rollins $30.00
Gwendolyn Saul $30.00
Vera Seals $30.00
Gilda Sharett $30.00
Yvonne Stepter $30.00
Betty Stewart $30.00
Cherrilynne Thomas $30.00
Paulette Timpton $30.00
Donesia Turner $30.00
Cheryl Williams $30.00
Adrian Woods $30.00
Team Gifts $30.00
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