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beautiful places in Vietnam

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You are an officer and your daily life is very busy with customer complaints, with about 1,000 letters contracts, with the boss's anger and so on... And sometimes you feel you want to be a man crazy... So you need to change the atmosphere around you, give yourself a trip to the beautiful places in Vietnam, to others people enjoy friendly atmosphere, and enjoy some form of traditional dishes in it. You can book a tour or hotels through TUN Travel with http://www.hotels-in-vietnam.com

The palace was built in 1933-1937 reign of King Bao Dai, the last emperor of Vietnam feudal dynasty. The palace was designed in the art deco style and situated in the middle of a pine forest near the Institut Pasteur. In the past, this mansion was built as a retreat where King Bao Dai and his royal family to escape the summer heat, but after 1950, when the French return to Vietnam, the palace was occupied by a role as the office and the king. Visiting this 2-story structure, guests will have the opportunity to explore the life of the royal family through the 25 rooms and its amenities. The ground floor is the work of King. It includes office room, living room and reception hall. Upstairs is the living space of the king and his family. The king bedroom has a gorgeous balcony called moon viewing balcony where the king and queen could appreciate the moon.

The house is located at 3 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City, an area of about 1,600m2. Stems from the need to build something entirely alone, the architect of Russia began construction in 1990. The building process as well as the requirements of home ownership are as long story. Start from the beginning, there was the time that she was on the brink Russia bankruptcy when all the banks refused to lend her. It was at this point that she had raised the idea of selling tickets to tourists visiting the house. Moreover, after 18 years in a row and six times the applicant, she was awarded ownership of the house, as well as being recognized as a work of art. As the intention of the architect is to make a fairy tale house, the "crazy house" is like a tree with uneven windows, stairs tunnel, etc. Both the exterior and interior Interior of the guesthouse was created and decorated with organic twists and few right angles. The "tree" hollow lasted several directions, up to reach the sky over the great Dalat.

Ho Xuan Huong is charming in Da Lat city center, surrounded by Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Tran Quoc Toan, Le Dai Hanh and Yersin Used to be the site of which many people native Langbian highlands inhabited, this artificial lake is today the most beautiful lake in Da Lat, the city a priceless gift of having a lake right in the center. His history of Ho Xuan Huong distinguish it as one of the most special lakes in Vietnam. In the past, no lake where we find today's Xuan Huong Lake. In 1919 and 1923, two dams are formed on a tributary of the River Cam Ly to create two small lakes. Unfortunately, during a severe storm in 1932, beating both destroyed. Between 1934 and 1935, a dam was built of large stones beneath the site of two previous dam to create a large lake. Lake crescent-moon shape covering an area of nearly 43 hectares, spread over many other attractions such as Dalat Flower Park and Old Hill. The lake's surface is as smooth as a mirror reflection romantic scenery of Dalat with pine forests, meadows and gardens.

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